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Due-to the problems in the Windows Store MP3 DVD XLS products are no longer available.

Please go to the site of our partner for more information about apps that are currently available.

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Start to watch video and listen to music with pleasure!

Player features:

    • Playing an incredible amount of media file formats.
    • Support internal subtitles with the possibility of switching if subtitle file contains several options (more than one language).
    • Selecting audio tracks in video, if the video supports multiple audio tracks.
    • Creating playlists: adding files and folders (support for drag&drop).
    • Playing content from DVDs.
    • Playing in the background.
    • Repeat playback.
    • Shuffle mode.
    • Displaying a list of recently played files.
    • Supported video formats: *.3g2; *.3gp2; *.3gp; *.3gpp; *.m4v; *.mp4v; *.mp4; *.mov; *.m2ts; *.asf; *.wm; *.wmv; *.avi; *.flv; *.mkv; *.vob; *.qt; *.ts; *.f4v; *.hdmov; *.moov; *.mpeg; *.mpg; *.mpe; *.mpg2; *.mpeg1; *.mpeg4; *.divx; *.dvr-ms; *.ogv; *.mxf; *.m2p; *.mts; *.rm; *.rmvb; *.dv; *.dif; *.vc1; *.bmv; *.iv8; *.pjs; *.dirac; *.roq; *.smjpeg; *.mjpg; *.cavsvideo; *.thp; *.flic; *.ivf; *.mtv; *.nuv; *.r3d; *.mjpeg; *.vivo; *.webm; *.hevc; *.h265; *.265; *.matroshka; *.nut; *.idcin; *.rawvideo; *.wtv; *.pva; *.nsv; *.xl; *.bink; *.dnxhd; *.yuv4mpegpipe; *.y4m; *.avs
    • Supported audio formats: *.mp3; *.wav; *.m4a; *.aac; *.adt; *.wma; *.adts; *.ac3; *.ec3; *.flac; *.amr; *.au; *.aiff; *.aif; *.aifc; *.caf; *.qcp; *.wave; *.ogg; *.act; *.gsm; *.bit; *.voc; *.adx; *.ircam; *.sf; *.dts; *.avr; *.ape; *.apl; *.mac; *.mmf; *.aea; *.afc; *.mlp; *.nist; *.sph; *.paf; *.fap; *.xa; *.wv; *.vb; *.son; *.iff; *.al; *.mpc; *.oma; *.omg; *.aa3; *.vmd; *.sbg; *.w64; *.brstm; *.shn; *.tak; *.dtshd; *.tta; *.boa; *.vqf; *.vql; *.vqe; *.daud.



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